I had sought legal advice from several family law providers, tending to walk away somewhat underwhelmed. I was recommended to Helen Ede and from the first moment we met it was a breath of fresh air with Helen’s friendly relaxed approach giving an air of confidence and commitment.  The key standouts were.

Sharpness of mind and wit with strategic, intellect and commitment
Knowledge, track record, capacity to think outside the box.
Attention to detail with the capacity to outthink and out strategise the other side.
Agility and availability, a feeling she was always on point for my needs.

 Finally, and most importantly empathy, she gave counsel and guidance during my weaker moments.

Rob, Caringbah

 I wanted to write to you to say how much I appreciated the work you and your team did for me last year as I navigated the depths of family law to settle my divorce.  You remained outstandingly responsive and efficient during Covid, lockdowns, online court sessions and everything 2020 could throw at us. Going through a divorce in Covid added layers of complexity for all involved. The process around being ‘in court’ on Microsoft Teams was managed incredibly well by you and my expectations were clearly set for an unprecedented experience. 

The combination of your expertise and general approach made me feel like I had a safety net from the high wire. At a time when emotions are high your pragmatism, intelligence and wonderfully direct approach was second to none.

Gabi, Roseville

I thank you for the guidance you gave, as it allowed me to stand stronger during my discussions with my former partner.

I will have no hesitation recommending you to anyone who requires excellent family law advice.

Your compassion and understanding, along with your knowledge and experience, are superb.

Karen, Hills District

I couldn’t imagine going through my experience in the Federal Circuit Court with anyone other than Ede Family Law and dealing directly with the personal care and attention of principal Helen Ede.  Helen’s legal knowledge and personal care was at all times exceptional. Any matter was always dealt with in a prompt and timely manner. 

Helen’s guidance and advice was very calming and she stood as an assuring presence during very difficult and lengthy court proceedings. Ede Family Law exceeded all my expectations. I can’t thank Helen and her team enough for the care, work and time. I’m so grateful and would have no hesitation recommending the services of Ede Family Law to anyone in need of an excellent family law specialist.

Vince, Annandale

My separation and divorce started out very acrimoniously. I called Helen Ede who over the phone guided me straight away on how to proceed. She arranged the first appointment where I met both her and her assistant in person to discuss the strategy on how to approach my ex-husband and his lawyer to avoid an expensive escalation of the process. Throughout the following two years she helped me navigate the legal system which eventually led to a settlement through lawyer-assisted mediation. I was impressed by Helen’s personal approach, her professionalism, her availability when urgently needed, her impressive knowledge of the family court system and her transparency in all financial matters.

Isabelle, Killarney Heights

When my marriage ended I knew that I wanted to avoid going to court. Helen had an extensive and comprehensive understanding of family law, how it impacts the lives of her clients, and the desire to minimize the negative impacts on her clients, and children wherever possible.  She was and is honest, direct, responsive, personable, and efficient. The combination of all of these qualities makes her an exceptional family lawyer.

As a client her assessments of my situation and options were realistic, comprehensive and considered. I didn’t always like what she had to tell me, but I appreciated that she was able to do that respectfully, and compassionately. I was also grateful that during particularly painful decisions, she was able to hold steady when I couldn’t. When I look back to that time, I am thankful that she was in my corner during the worst period of my life.

Judy, Roseville

It is hard to put into words how much I appreciate everything you have done for me Helen. I was literally a worried wreck before I started working with you….

You immediately made me feel at ease and all the worry was gone. Your meticulous review of my situation, calm advice and care was so reassuring.  You gave immeasurable comfort with your thorough knowledge of all the steps I needed to consider, understand and take. You gave me constant updates … and gave me the knowledge and confidence to make the decisions I needed to make.

I can honestly say that without you, mine and my children’s future would look very different…. you have helped me come through this ordeal feeling cared for, strong and confident.

Thank you so much. 

Clare, Regional NSW

I really appreciate your support and guidance through this process which has been the most difficult experience in my life.

You were very responsive and explained the intricacies of the process well.  Thanks for being available and helpful all throughout the process.

Jenni, Sydney