Separation and Divorce

For most people, separation is a difficult and uncertain time. Many people are uncertain about what separation will mean for them and their children.

This uncertainty is an additional stress during already challenging times and can also affect the decisions made about whether and when to separate. Getting early advice about the implications of separation can greatly assist in achieving  certainty and clarity about what it will mean for you and your family. It’s never too early to ask. If you are considering separation and don’t know what it will mean or how to go about it, the family lawyers at Ede Family Law can assist with practical, sound and sensitive confidential advice.

If you are already separated, in addition to understanding what it means for the care of your children and the division of assets, you may also be thinking about divorce.

Australia operates a ‘no fault’ divorce system, meaning it doesn’t matter to the law why the marriage has broken down, and the reasons don’t impact on what property settlement is appropriate to your situation. Divorce is a separate and independent process from parenting and/or financial issues, including any court cases that might already be dealing with them.  

Applying for divorce is generally a straightforward process. If you would like more information about how to go about it please see our FAQs or contact one of our family lawyers for advice or a quote for our assistance with the process.

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