Parenting after Separation

Children need their parents  – and the law reinforces that, in most situations following a separation, both parents should continue to have significant and meaningful involvement and time with their children. 

Sharing your decision to separate with your children and working out what is best for them – right from the beginning – is not always easy.  It can shape how things develop and you will always benefit from early and expert input and guidance – and a steady hand when things might not be feeling too steady.  

How well your children cope with your separation may depend on these early conversations and arrangements and it is never too early to get the right advice.

The expert advice and experience of our family lawyers will help give you clarity and certainty in working out what is best for your children – as well as practical advice about how to go about those conversations and the additional support everyone might need to adjust to the new routines.

We will also assess what level of formality you need to capture those parenting arrangements.  

A parenting plan may be right for you, or you may need parenting orders from the Court.  If your situation needs parenting orders, we will help you negotiate them or, if your situation requires it, our expertise will lead you through the Court process. Please see our FAQs page for more details.

Protecting your children
Children also deserve, always, to be safe and protected. The protection children need may be to ensure they are not alienated from their right to a relationship with a loving and concerned parent. Or they may need protection from the physical, sexual or emotional abuse or neglect of a parent or other person in their life. If you have concerns for the safety of your children, whether relating to the other parent or someone else in their lives, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the family lawyers at Ede Family Law for advice about protecting your children. We will advise you about what steps need to be taken and work with you through the processes involved.

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