Our Process


Can we help you?

Before we can help you we need to ensure we haven’t already provided advice to anyone else involved in your situation. This is called a conflict check and it only takes a minute or two and can be done during your first call to us.


Introductory call

The first step is nothing more than a simple phone call to our Principal, Helen, so that we can get a basic understanding of your situation and you can get an idea of whether we are going to be a good fit for you.  You need to feel comfortable and confident, as this is an important relationship!  This initial call takes about ½ hour and is free of charge.


Your homework

 Once you’ve made a decision that you want to meet with us, we will email you listing the information that you should get together, if you can, before we meet. Sometimes things are too urgent to worry about ‘homework’ but if not, getting some of the details together first will help your initial meeting to be as productive as possible.  Bring your completed ‘homework’ to your first meeting with us or else email it to us beforehand.


Initial Consultation

This meeting usually takes 1 ½ – 2 hours. It can be done face to face, online or even over the telephone. This is when we really dive into all the details about your situation and background, whether they relate to issues regarding the parenting of your children following separation and/or the financial issues that arise from your change of circumstances.  Where there is sufficient information available at that initial meeting we will provide you with initial advice about your situation, and the outcomes you might expect, or else a roadmap on how to move forward and what the most important next steps will be.  We can also make recommendations about practical things to think about or action to help improve what has been going on, and any support services or advice you might need from other professionals.


Tailoring it for you

Once we have all the information we need, you will receive our detailed advice about your situation, your outcomes, your options. We will work together with you to prioritise and achieve those things most important to you. Sometimes things are really complicated and getting things resolved can take time, but we will ensure you stay well informed and equipped for your future. 



 Most family law matters settle by agreement, and we see the huge benefits from that, whenever it is achievable. But everyone’s situation is different and sometimes agreement takes more intervention and a stronger approach to achieve. If you find yourself in such a situation, we will advise and represent you through the Court system, to ensure your interests are protected. But going to Court doesn’t necessarily mean that you are stuck there. Even if Court proceedings need to be started, we will never lose sight of continued opportunities to negotiate a resolution of the issues in your case.