Property Settlements

Financial uncertainty is a major concern for most people following separation.  And knowing where you stand, and what your options are, helps tremendously. 

Helen Ede and her team collectively have more than 30 years of experience in dealing with property and financial settlements and can provide you with clarity about your financial future. 

Financial settlements involve the division of assets, liabilities and superannuation. It matters little to the law in Australia whose name these things sit in, or whether companies or trusts are involved. Issues about the value of businesses, real estate, trusts etc all need to be worked through.

You also need to examine the question of financial support, whether it is support for you provided by your ex, or support for your ex provided by you. This is called spousal maintenance and is an important and often overlooked step in a financial settlement. Another important aspect of financial settlements is preserving the asset pool until a resolution is reached. Tools to achieve this include injunctions, restraining orders and caveats. Knowing when they are needed, and how to get them is pivotal to ensuring your rights, and your property, are protected.

We can lead you through all these processes to ensure you have the information you need to make necessary decisions about your future. 

There can be great benefits from achieving a negotiated outcome and where it is possible, our preference is to help you reach a fair and sensible agreement with your ex about the division of your assets. This may occur through some early targeted advice that allows you to continue your own discussions with your ex, helping you to work through sticking points as those discussions continue. We also enjoy great success with mediations, round table discussions and collaborative processes.  We know success in these processes means starting out on the right foot, not sweating the small stuff and always keeping your priorities front of mind.

If none of these approaches work, though, Ede Family Law provides you with excellent, skillful representation and advocacy when working through the Court system. As family law experts  we pride ourselves on our comprehensive understanding and foresight into the demands of these legal processes and our ability to discern what you need to achieve the outcome you deserve.

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